Cisco Unified

The Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN) offers on-premise Wireless LAN solutions for business critical services. It provides the same level of security, scalability, reliability, availability, ease of deployment, and management for Wireless LANs that organizations expect from their wired LANs.



The core feature set of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network includes:

Cisco Aironet Access Points (APs) and Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC)



The optional/add-on components include:

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) for Management
  • Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) for Analytics
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) for Security

The core feature set is currently deployable in the following configurations:

  • APs and WLCs
  • APs, WLCs, and PI
  • APs, WLC, PI,  and ISE
  • APs, WLC, PI,  and CMX
  • APs, WLC, PI, ISE, and CMX

The solution offers advanced enterprise-class security, extended RF management, and enhanced interoperability. Adding optional 802.11r, Application Visibility and Control (AVC), and features such as FastLane provide additional benefits.